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Pingdelivery is a platform which connects merchants, delivery teams, fullfilment and call centers in the most efficient way. The platform enables to manage distributed last-mile delivery teams across city, country or the world. It contains full-cycle automation tools as well as order distribution management functionality. Platform is applicable for e-commerce merchants, carriers, verticals, delivery startups and franchise projects.
Select and customize
modules upon your business

Sales verification
Agents can use call center interface to confirm and verify customer orders and help make up-sales.

  • Multi-user system. Provide access to any number of operator to confirm your orders.
  • Search and filter. Use any rules to select orders based on different parametres.
  • Order changes. Make any changes in order/task details, see the history.
  • Calls through interface. Make all communications right through the system with SIP
  • SMS notifications. Send messages to your customers in any status with text templates.
Delivery processing
Agents can plan delivery tasks for couriers and dispatch their work and order statuses.

  • Planning. See the list of task/orders and find the way how to assign them between couriers to optimize their work and efficiency
  • Delivery plan. In case your couriers don't use smartphones just print their order list to start work.
  • Status control. Control all orders statuses, double check deliveries or cancellations, return to call center
  • Invoices and labels. Use our templates or create unique one to share it with your customers.
  • App synchronization. All changes are real-time, so the couriers will get notifications at the same moment.
Courier application
Couriers get all order/task information in real-time and plan their deliveries.

  • Order list. See all orders that was assigned to you by supervisor, sort them in the right way.
  • Map routing. Use maps to optimize your time and way to the customer.
  • Customer notifications. Call to the customer or send text message to notify about any changes.
  • Statuses. Notify your supervisor about any changes in order deliveries. So it will be under control without routine actions.
  • Inventory. See the stock level that was given to you by merchant or stock manager. Track all requests.
  • Offline mode. If internet connection is broken, courier can continue his work without any troubles. Any changes will be saved.
Deep analytics
Get actual information and analyze your results and performance about deliveries.

We give you full information about sales, deliveries, buyout, user performance, reject reasons, etc. All provided KPIs will help you to understand where you should improve your business.
Distribution system
Our platform helps us to make order distribution automatically between agents and teams based on differents criteria such as:

  • City,
  • Regions,
  • Neighborhood,
  • Zip code,
  • Volume limit,
  • Percentage limit & etc.

User Management
We support you with user management system to give access to the system for your employees and set them personal powers.

  • Teams settings. Create teams for order distributions and mix your users between them to organize deliveries without routine.
  • Interface access. Select what information to show your employees.
  • Customized options. Give special options for the right people (hide phone numbers, make any actions, etc
  • Security tracker. Block users and see who and where get access to the system with all actions history
      Inventory monitoring
      Agents can monitor actual balance of his stock and make direct requests to the clients from the system.

      • Ticket system. All request have information about shipments (product name and quantity).
      • Real-time balance. Control stock level in different warehouses, on the way, freezed for orders.
      • Mini-hub couriers. Track how many stock is on courier hands with updates about deliveries and canellations.
      • Entity connections. We will help you to connect all ways of stock movement between warehouses and couriers.
      Finance Management
      Agent can control his finance activity and courier collected cash on hands.

      • COD-collection. See how much many on couriers hands and already collected.
      • COD-reports. Get reports about all deliveries made for a specific period.
      • Tariffs. Set up all parametres about clients fee and courier rewards.
      • Billing Invoices. Get automatic reports depending how many orders were delivered and agreed service fees.
      Powering all business types
      We are working on automatization tools that can be used in different business cases and designed by our clients
      Grocery & Food Delivery
      Help your customers to make online grocery, food shopping fast and easy. Let your customers to find fresh, high quality food and meals and organize delivery in our system.
      Courier Service
      Optimize work of your delivery teams, get full control and transparency about their routine, finance and inventory control in one single interface.
      Home, Repair & Field Services
      Our management solution simplifies and give you more control over your staff managements and customer appointments
      If you have any questions, you can contact with us and schedule a demonstration of our system
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      Choose your plan
      According to your business needs select the right tarif plan and contact us to discuss all details.
      We create your account
      We prepare accounts for your users. You can make API integration with our platform or import your orders manually with Excel sheets..
      Start your work
      You will start your work after we make additional trainings. So you know how to work with the system. We help to optimize some features based on your business.
      Get more orders
      As an additional advantage we can attract new clients for you to make deliveries via our system. You can agree with some reward and we will charge you some commission.
      Choose your plan
      Monthly subscription fee
      $ 100
      • Up to 2 000 orders per month
      • Additional order +0.15 USD
      • Up to 10 users
      • Call Center
      • Delivery
      • Android App / Telegram bot
      • Basic reports
      • Extra fee for SMS/SIP
      Select plan
      Monthly subscription fee
      $ 400
      • Up to 15 000 orders per month
      • Additional order +0.07 USD
      • Unlimited users
      • Call Center
      • Delivery
      • Android App / Telegram bot
      • Inventory
      • Finance
      • Deep Analytics
      • Notifications in Telegram/Email
      • Personal Support Manager
      • Extra fee for SMS/SIP
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