GDP per capita
Pop: 190 mln.
Urbanisation: 26 %
Internet users: 90 mln.
Facebook users: 17 mln.
GDP per capita: 2470 USD
"Recent investments demonstrate sustained investor interest in e-commerce platforms in Nigeria, which boasts the continent's largest population and economy".
Projects manager in Pixels
" African e-commerce grows, the market becomes more attractive to companies based both inside and outside the continent"
Creative director in DD agency
"Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, is leading the way in e-commerce growth, with 65 percent of the country's 50 million internet users having at one time or the other shopped online."
Founder of Pic Pen studio
Country features
Nigerian buyers are sensitive to availability of local customer support. Increase your conversion rates with an engaged local call-center that talks to your prospective clients!
Expensive rates with local providers lead to decreased times of online browsing by users. That leads to more incentives to engage with a sales representative over the phone.
Local users tend to make emotional purchases, and trained local delivery force can engage clients in the purchasing process and improve buyout rates.

Our key services in Nigeria
Local Call-center

  • Staffed locally, we guarantee high levels of professionalism and great brand representation

  • Can handle incoming sales requests, order confirmation and complaints processin
    • We can store most popular SKUs in advance

    • Our agents handle picking and packaging

    • Control stock levels in real time

    Reverse Logistics
    • We will collect returns and store them till the next sale

    • Our rates are dependent on buyout rates, so we keep motivated to have all the ordered goods sold


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