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Pingdelivery is a complete worldwide solution for developing business.
We are not just a logistics company. We are more like the last-mile delivery platform. We provide delivery network and our own software.

We are already working with leaders of CPA-market, classifieds, e-commerce, dropshipping and want to continue looking for new partners in the world.

Our network consists of over than a hundred reliable, motivated, smart and fast partners. Their goal is a high-quality delivery proceeding on clients' requests. Our agents earn only if the client is satisfied. It's a win to win business formula implemented in reality.
We will be glad to see you as a partner,
if you belong to one of the above categories

You are interested in developing business in the logistics sphere, and you want to earn proportionally to your contribution to work.
Delivery companies
You are already working in the field of delivery and want to get an additional source of orders.
You are already engaged in sale and
processes, but you and your teams are ready to deliver third-party orders.

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Tell us about yourself and your team, in what country and cities you are ready to work, what opportunities you have now and what plans for the future. We will ask you to send your ID or company data, as well as pass a small test.
Get ready for work
After you pass the interview and verification, we will organize a training for you and your teams and legal support. We will make an access to your personal account and set up a system for processing orders of our clients.
Deliver orders
When clients are ready to distribute orders, we will negotiate tariffs with you, taking the amount of services the client needs and the number of deliveries into account.
Who do we work with?
Our clients sell impulse products around the world. In their case, it is very important to process and deliver orders very fast in order to increase the buyout rate. Most often, such customers use the tariffs, which depend on buyout.
–°lassifieds & Marketplaces
We are in partnership with aggregators of goods from different merchants. For the convenience of the service and increasing the loyalty of visitors, we do integration with them and directly send pick-up and delivery requests to our agents.
We help merchants to organize delivery and logistics in all countries of our presence. Sometimes from the client it is only required to ship the goods to our agent"s warehouse. With our help, clients can sell in any country without physical presence.

Our agents help to close as much as possible
logistics issues of our clients.
Fulfillment and warehousing
The client's products can be stored directly in the city, where a large volume of orders is concentrated. In this case the agent can quickly organize order processing and delivery to the customers.
First and Last-mile Delivery Network
Pick-up and timely delivery of products to customers is a key task of our agents. The more successful deliveries, the greater agent income.
Call-center and verification
Some clients ask to make a preliminary call to the customer to confirm orders, which increases loyalty and quality of service.
Middle-mile Tracking
Clients are assisted in the process of products distribution between cities around the country, so we help to minimize unnecessary warehouse space without increasing the delivery time.
Cash On Delivery
We provide to our clients collection of cash on delivery. it is the most common payment method at emerging markets.
Reverse Logistics
For our clients it is important to maintain customers" brand loyalty, so our agents work successfully with returns, which improves the customer service and helps not to loose the customer in the future.
Our agent network is presented in more than 15 countries
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By proceeding, I agree that Pingdelivery or its representatives may contact me via email, phone, or SMS at the email address or phone number I provide, including marketing purposes.