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Collaborative last-mile delivery platform Utilize global delivery network or automate your own team


Pingdelivery is platform which connects merchants
and delivery teams, fulfilments and call centers in most efficient way

If you have orders to deliver - place offers within network and all of them will be delivered under your full control.

If you have your delivery team, call center or fulfilment - get our software to automate all your processes for free and accept offers from merchants.

As merchant you even can mix these options – automate your own team, share its capacity or use other delivery teams to ship more in different regions of the world.


Main features

  1. Feature

    Software for automation of your own warehouses and couriers

    Full line of software for warehouse management and delivery automation including inventory control and mobile application for couriers

  2. Feature

    Tools for onboarding, training and motivating your team

    Pingdelivery software is not only about processing, but about whole team management starting from onboard to the way you're motivating your couriers

  3. Feature

    Delivery network

    We've gathered most efficient logistics partners in each country of our presence. All those partners are already integrated and are ready to go. Just send them your offer and start working

  4. Feature

    Cash on delivery collection

    We'll organize COD collection for you, transfer money to your account and provide with detailed reports

  5. Feature

    Call-center and order
    processing solutions

    Check order details, confirm address and date of delivery or postpone via

  6. Feature

    Advanced analytics

    You will get clear answers on "what" and "why" questions

  7. Feature

    API integration with your management systems

    use our restful API to integrate your CRM or any other system with Pingdelivery

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  • E-commerce
  • Offline shops fast delivery


  • Groceries
  • Restaurants
  • Flowers etc


  • Last-mile
  • Delivery teams
  • Fulfilments
  • 3PL's


  • Laundries
  • Insurance
  • Banks